Body- and Soullandscapes with Susanne Daeppen 7. apríl

Body- and Soullandscapes with Susanne Daeppen 7. apríl

Yoga and Souldance with Dakini & Yogini Susanne Daeppen
Saturday April 7th at Yogavin
10-12h Heart of Yoga
13-15h Souldance / Butoh

An authentic Yoga which opens the hearts for love and wisdom.
A course designed for all those who want to discover and/or deepen their yoga practice.
Susanne Daeppen teaches the breath-and processorineted Heart of Yoga which is in the lineage of Sri Krishnamacharya. Susanne is a licensed Heart of Yoga- teacher and is friends with its founder Mark Whitwell. As for Mark Whitwell, he studied many years with the Indian yoga master Krishnamacharya and brought the „Heart oft he Yoga“ around the globe into the yoga-world.
Susanne leads the practioners to the basis of deep breathing, which allows the yoga positions (asanas) to develop and to be mastered in a light and natural way. Heart of Yoga is practiced without any idea of achievement. It is an authentic yoga for the individual. The exercises alternate between singing, philosophy and stillness.. Their common goal is to see yoga, as an ancestral wisdom and practice, become part of our everyday lives and a guiding force for a healthy lifestyle.

A course designed for all those who want to discover and/or deepen the Art of Slow Movement.
We willingly leave the safety and pace of our everyday life and engage into unknown expanses through endless slow movement. For slowness is universal, but we have distanced ourselves from this notion and being as a competitive society, have even rejected it.
As a result of conscious reduction and attention, we feel wide awake and sense the most subtle nuances. The concept of achievement fades into the background, giving way to deeper silent qualities. We dive into the microcosm of the body and the endless depths of the soul: an authentic slow-motion dance arises, like a meditative journey through movement to your own self in the beauty of musical landscapes.

dancer – dance pedagogue – yoga teacher, Switzerland
Susanne Daeppen is an independent dance pedagogue and performer with her own production company, “Dakini Dance Projects”. The term dakini translates as “sky walker”. The dakini is a symbol for the manifestation of the feminine, for intuition and for the ever-changing flow of energy, aspects which have deeply influenced Susanne’s work in the last 20 years.

Training in Switzerland, in New York and in Japan. Susanne Daeppen regularly teaches Heart of Yoga and Butoh/Souldance with a focus on “slowness” while also giving performances and workshops in her own country and international. Susanne received different the Culture Prize in acknowledgement of her artistic efforts: like a grant to research in islands’ nature in 2016 for 3 month. Out of this time she got an invitation from Icelandic Academy of Art to give a guestworkshop in „Slowmotion/Butoh in fall 2017 in Reykjavik.

She is the author of 3 books: “The Art of Slow Movement -A Dance from Nature to the Soul” / NICELAND-dancing around Iceland / The Nature of Yoga

10-12h Heart of Yoga
13-15h Souldance/Butoh

3’000 ISK for 1 Session (Yoga or Butoh) (pay on arrival before class)
5’000 ISK for full-day-workshop (pay on arrival before workshop)

Grensásvegi 16, Reykiavik
sími 862 6098

Reservation until April 2nd.
After that just turn up

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Yogavin // Grensásvegi 16, 108 Reykjavík // // sími 8626098

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