2 workshop með Shelly Reef 23. feb. Goddess Magic // 24. feb. Awakened mind

2 workshop með Shelly Reef 23. feb. Goddess Magic // 24. feb. Awakened mind

Goddess Magic Divine Love föstudag 23. feb. kl. 19.00 – 22.00

Awakened mind workshop: Discover you psychic abilities laugardag 24. feb. 16.00 – 19.00



An initiation and celebration of the divine feminine!

Sisters of light and sensual power, join us to weave your light into the love that heals every women on Earth, beginning with YOU. Let us nurture ourselves and one another so that our love may shine!

There is no greater source than the mother. On this night, we will be the receivers of the care and nurture that we so generously have given. We pour love and life, light and laughter, back into our hearts and dance until we blossom like golden flowers!

On this sacred evening, in the passage of Imbolc (awakening to new life) please wear your most festive clothing! Bring your sacred instruments! If you wish…paint your face and adorn your hair as well! Let us dress as an expression of our highest selves and come prepared to open our hearts to divine love!

FRIDAY FEB. 23.  7PM – 10PM
PRICE 4500

REGISTRATION yoga@yogavin.is

The evenings events will include:
~Sacred ceremony to release the past
~Initiation to the role of Divine Feminine on Earth ~Guided womb meditation
~Goddess ritual of sisterhood
~Celebration of Dance!!

The evening will be accompanied by Crystal Alchemy singing bowls and the therapeutic harp.

Blessing to all beloved sisters everywhere. I honor and welcome you.



Like tuning a radio to the strongest signal, we can fine-tune ourselves to see, hear and feel more than ever imagined!
Work with professional psychic empath Shelly Reef to expertly unlock your hidden abilities. In just 3 hours, 90% of students achieve success in telepathic abilities. Come and play!

Using an easy step by step approach to build new inner pathways of psychic receptivity, body awareness, and energetic projection, you can take full command of your personal control centers.
This program is fun, fascinating and guaranteed to empower your life with new skills and an uplifting way of being in your daily life. No prior education is required. All are welcome!

PRICE 5000

REGISTRATION yoga@yogavin.is


About Shelly : Empath and world spiritualist Shelly Reef travels the globe to bring sound and light to the hearts of humanity. She is a lifelong meditator and student of Goddess culture whose practice spans 30 years; her teaching, over 20 countries. Shelly is author of the soon-to-be- released book, “Silent Monkey: Meditation for the wildest of minds”


Shelly Reef
Empath / World Spiritualist

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