“Healing Voice Sound Journey” með Gabriel Gold 9. nóv. kl. 20.30

“Healing Voice Sound Journey” með Gabriel Gold 9. nóv. kl. 20.30

The Healing Voice Sound Journey, facilitated by Gabriel Gold, who is visiting from San Francisco (US), will include an introduction on “using the voice for healing”, heart-opening group chant and meditative vocalization and will conclude with a 45min sound journey meditation intending to help receive peace and guidance in our lives, supported by Gabriel’s prayerful vocalizations, Crystal Singing Bowls, Handpan and Gong

Together, through our voices (singing in improvised harmony) and presence (through coming together in meditation) we will create a sacred space, a supportive space where we can all release what energy no longer serves us, relax and open both heart-body and mind and farther explore the magic within and spirituality about us.

“You do not have to be a professional singer, or even have sung outside of the shower before to attend and have a positive experience, at least half of the people who have attended my “Healing Voice Experiences” were just beginning their journeys of singing, many having never even sung before outside of the shower. My hope and joy is that your experience in this event will help inspire you to plant seeds of singing as a holistic, integrated part of your day to day life and meditation practice.” – Gabriel Gold

Gabriel Gold, having studied at the Globe Institute of Sound Healing and at the Shamanic Institute of Ireland, is an internationally-recognized, San Francisco, CA based composer, sound healer, environmental advocate and pioneer of the Handpan (a steel, melodic percussion instrument he plays in accompaniment to his angelic, countertenor-ranged voice, crystal singing bowls and gongs); his music having been described as “a mystical, angelic voice that moves one to journey through both the deep joy and sorrows of the Soul.”.
As a teacher, Gabriel, through his “Healing Voice Experiences” has personally supported thousands of people on the journey of developing a fulfilling relationship to their singing voices and through such, a deeper spiritual connection.
When at home in The Bay, Gabriel facilitates a weekly “Healing Voice Singing Circle” and performs monthly in collaboration with renowned yoga teacher Darren Main for “Yoga on the Labyrinth”, a 700+ student class taught inside San Francisco’s revered Grace Cathedral.


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